Steps for Proposing New Members

  1. Identify potential new member and check their classification to make sure a spot is available (10% of the total membership is the max per classification).
  2. If a classification spot is available, invite potential new member to a meeting as your guest. To encourage visits, the Club will cover a potential new member’s guest fee ($15) for one visit. To qualify for this incentive, the guest should be a legitimate candidate (spouses, children, friends, etc. should be serious about joining. The 4-Way test applies). Additional visit fees will be the responsibility of the Rotarian or the guest.
  3. Follow-up with your guest to discuss their experience and level of interest in the Club. Once interest is confirmed, connect the proposed member with the Membership Coordinator who will provide them with the New Member Info Sheet summarizing our Club’s membership obligations.
  4. Invite for a second meeting visit. General guidelines suggest 2-3 visits maximum for determining a potential member’s interest in the Club. If a potential member needs additional time to make a commitment to join, give them the option to take some time to make their decision and follow-up appropriately.
  5. If the potential new member commits to join, complete the Membership Referral form on the Club’s website. If you are unable to submit the referral online, send it directly to the Membership Coordinator, B.V. Messervy. The referral form will automatically go to the Club's President, Secretary, and Membership Coordinator, who will forward the referral to the Bulletin Chair for publishing and run a background check through
  6. The Club’s referral system is under way and should take 2-3 weeks to run its course. During this time, the proposed member should not visit the club to allow members the opportunity to comment or voice concerns to the Club Board.
  7. The proposed member will be published in the Bulletin for two consecutive weeks. Comments should be based on the reputation of the individual and not an opposition to the number of members allowed in a given classification.
  8. During the third week, if all goes well, the proposed member and their sponsor will be contacted to set a mutual date for Club induction at a regular meeting. The new member will be introduced to the club and presented with their Rotary credentials.
  9. The new member will start their 60 day provisional membership and will be assigned a mentor from the Club’s Board to guide him/her in fulfilling the requirements of the Red Badge Checklist.
  10. Upon completion of the Red Badge Checklist, the new member is announced as an official member in the Club.