PolioPlus $100 Million Challenge. The Gates Foundation has given $100 Million to the PolioPlus campaign to be spent by Dec 31, 2008. The Foundation has 3 years to match the $100 Million thru donations to the PolioPlus campaign. Each Club in District 7770 has been challenged to give $33 per capita per year for the next 3 years to meet this goal in our District. 

 A discretionary donation will be made at the end of each of the next three years from the general budget. Club members will continue to be encouraged to make donations in honor or memory of individuals as Christmas and birthday gifts for family or business associates. Occasional write-ups in the program or brief presentations during the meeting will continue to be used to remind club members of the Club's annual goal. All contributions toward PolioPlus will count towards Paul Harris Fellow recognition.

PolioPlus Contribution Info

Did you know:

Polio is historically, the world’s greatest cause of disability?

Rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio is the largest public health initiative in history?

The virus is only a plane ride away from resurfacing?  It still exists in 4 countries where there is potential for it spreading.

It is estimated that 1 billion dollars is needed within the next 3 years to achieve eradication? 

735 million has already been pledged?

Rotary has committed to raise 200 M to close the funding gap and fulfill the promise of eradicating polio.

The support of every district, club, and member is needed to achieve the $200 Million goal.  This is an extraordinary challenge – but can be accomplished.

How does our club fit in?

Our club’s goal was to commit $10,000 for polio plus.  This may sound small, but Rotary has provided guidelines for us to use based on the number of members.  If each club commits to funding the minimum amount suggested by Rotary, we’ll easily meet the 200M goal.  So why our 10K may seem small, it will make a big impact.

If you are contributing to the Rotary Foundation, please indicate that you want your gift to go towards Polio Plus – this will be credited towards our goal of $10,000.  If you have already made your donation to the foundation and didn’t indicate Polio Plus, please talk to Lou Mello about it.

Lastly, we did not want to try to have a fundraiser that would in any way compete with our successful Soccer Classic.  Instead, we would like to you to consider Polio Plus around the holidays. 

Please consider how you can help.  A relatively small donation on your part will make a big difference.  Please fill out a pledge form today!

For more information about our Polio Plus project or to mail your pledge form, please contact:

Lou Mello

PolioPlus Pledge Form

In support of Rotary International’s “Fulfilling Our Promise” campaign and the Rotary Club of Mt. Pleasant efforts, I would like to make a monetary pledge knowing my gift will be used to support the work to eradicate polio. 

Enclosed is my initial gift of  $50         $100       $150       Other __________

(Please make check payable to Rotary International, and indicate Polio Plus in the memo field.)

I pledge to make annual gifts of $_______ for ______ years (3 year maximum).

Signature ______________________________________________  


Print Name_____________________________________________

All Polio Plus gifts count towards Paul Harris Fellow.

Please mail pledge form and checks, payable to Rotary International, to:

Lou Mello
314 Jardinere Walk
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464