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What: A swimming relay competition for age group teams to go the farthest distance in one hour with any number of team members swimming any number of laps in any order.

When: June 1 to July 14.  Attempts can be made during your normal practice time or whenever convenient with your team.  Team signup is opens April1. Each team must sign up before your team's swimmers can register for their attempt.  Please sign up at least 48 hours prior to your attempt to allow us to schedule a Rotarian to count your laps.

Where: Your team pool or any 25 yard or meter or 50 meter pool.

Why: To enjoy a fun competition and raise money for LAPS and other local charities through the Rotary Club of Mount Pleasant.  It costs roughly $100.00 to teach each child and one, ten person relay attempt will cover that cost.

Who: Any relay team made up of any number of swimmers from any age group team (CCAA, ECSL, etc.) can enter to compete and win.  Award categories include Male, Female, Mixed and BFR (Big Fun Relay for the relay with the most total swimmers).  The Rotary Relay for LAPS is not for Masters teams.  There is a separate, special event (The Relay for LAPS) created just for Masters swimmers.  Masters swimmers should sign up for that event here.

Requirements: A completed team signup form and $10 registration entry per swimmer per relay attempt. Sign up now! Once your team is signed up, we will add your team name to the team member registration send you an email and your team can start signing up.

LAPS is a swimming initiative targeted at teaching life saving swim skills to all K-1st grade children in the Charleston area by building a community of swimmers who can enjoy the environment in which they live.  LAPS will help fund underprivileged children in diverse communities by providing free transportation, instruction, and swim aids for the learn-to-swim programs. Please visit

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